Tailor's Dummy a Claytons Minister

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Its the classic The Foreign Minister you have when you don’t have a Foreign Minister.

The Herald reports this morning that Peters will not sit on, let alone Chair as is the convention, the external relations and defence cabinet committee. Instead he will be replaced by Phil “Palestinian” Goff.

Winston Peters’ desire to keep his distance from the Labour-led Government looks like creating the bizarre situation of the Foreign Affairs Minister having to be briefed by his departmental officials on the key decisions of the Cabinet committee which he would normally be expected to chair.

Bizzarely Helen Clark see no issue.

Helen Clark sees no problem in Mr Peters not sitting on the Cabinet committee covering such a major portfolio, saying either she or Mr Goff will take papers to the committee on his behalf.

She said Mr Peters would anyway be briefed by his officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The chief executive of the ministry, Simon Murdoch, would be attending committee meetings.

One wonders what the fuck we pay this chump for….He is a Minister yet not in Government, He is the Foreign Minister yet won’t chair the cabinet committee he is supposed to and now Helen Clark and Phil Goff will take his papaers to the committee on his behalf.

Why didn’t Helen just make him the Minister for the Green Parrot?


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