This doesn't sound benign to me

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Take note Clark et al….these guys were serious and I would bet dollars to donuts there are some here too.

The alleged plot to launch a terrorist strike on Sydney has been revealed.

It involved young men who wanted to die for jihad; outback training camps; a huge stockpile of ammunition, guns, chemicals and detonators; and only one named possible target – the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.

When police raided the Bankstown home of 26-year-old Mazen Touma, they found an extraordinary armoury.

In a sworn statement, police say they seized box after box of ammunition: shotgun and Bushman shells to .40 calibre Winchester rounds, Rimfire ammunition, rifle magazines and pistol cartridge packs. They also said they found 165 railway detonators, designed to sit on tracks and explode when a train runs over them.

More sinister is the recording Anti-terrorist forces recorded in tracking these guys.

Police also recorded another of the eight, Khaled Sharrouf, 24, telling the radical cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika: “I want to die.” Benbrika, who was one of the men arrested in Melbourne, allegedly replied: “If we want to die for jihad, we have to have maximum damage. Maximum damage. Damage their buildings, everything. Damage their lives. To show them – we’ll have to be careful.”

and what about Jihad?

in July this year Benbrika gave a sermon in the Sydney home of one of the group. Touma was also present and their conversation was again secretly recorded. Benbrika allegedly said: “Some people claim to love jihad but don’t respect their own parents – you need permission from your parents to go to jihad. If your mother says no to jihad, then no jihad.” Two days later, according to the police, Touma “requested permission from his mother to undertake jihad”.


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