This is why the French are F**ked

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Dominique de Villepin, France’s prime minister, was accused on Tuesday of losing his sang-froid after resorting to a state of emergency to quell riots that have set the suburbs of France’s biggest cities alight during the past 12 days.

The accusations came as France was hit by a 13th night of violence – though less serious than the peak of two nights ago – incidents were reported in the cities of Toulouse, Amiens and Lyon.

Le Monde, the newspaper of France’s political elite, accused the prime minister of sending a message of “staggering brutality” to the youth of the suburbs, who are for the most part children and grandchildren of African immigrants.

Note the perpetuation of the “youth” line….they are f**king thugs, no more, no less….stupid French bastards. O h yeah and the are also Muslim Thugs. Just say it, it won’t hurt, promise, go on say it…..Mmmussllllimm.

And fancy being bagged for trying to sort the thugs out.

The French are f**ked, no one seems to be telling them.


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