Benefit fraudster swindled more that $200,000

A benefit fraudster has been jailed for swindling more than $200,000 over three years from the taxpayer.

The crime here is not that he did it, it is that he managed to do it for so long.

I remember going to see the wombles at Work and Income as it was called back then and presenting them with solution to eliminate benefit fraud. This software is dead set the "bully" for detecting previously hidden levels of fraud.

In the course of dicsussion with Work and income we established that they thought the fraud problem was somewhere about $200 million per annum. Yep $200 million dollars per annum.

Our software solution would have cost about $1.5 million. They thought that was too much. We even offered it for free up front and a percentage of the fraud detected as payment, but nope that was too much as well.

What was most galling was the womble in tan walk shorts (you know the ones with the little built in belt), tan knee socks, grey Julius marlow zipup shoes, yellow big collared shirt and the brown cardie with leather buttons, who just knew it all and said he was onto the issue and didn’t really need these tools.

What about ACC? Gungho Fraud investigator want ed the product, Womble perpetual ass-kissig manager says cost too much……how big was the problem at ACC?

They told us $100 million estimated by individuals, $100 million by medical providers and $50 million by staff!!!! Yep $250 million.

Two agencies and $450 million of effectively sanctioned fraud that they "tolerate". Who was the government of the day….same one we have now….the reasons quietly given to us by theones who cared was that politically they couldn’t touch fraud… see it doesn’t officially exist except when it becomes absolutely blatant.

So what are these solutions and who uses them, or systems based on the basic principles.

Australia: Anti-money laundering, Tax evasion, Crime analysis

US: Border security, NORAD, 10 of the top 15 insurers for fraud detection, FINCEN for anti-money laundering, Treasury.

Am I for real? Absolutely!!!, Am I paid by these guys? No way, just interested in seeing my tax dollars used purposefully, not wastefully.

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