Even the experts think it is a farce

Political experts have been damning of the Clark-Peters-Fitzsimons-Anderton-Dunne (I think I got them all) arrangements.

University Of Canterbury political scientist Therese Arseneau 

"It’s very confusing. We have a situation now where the party leader is supposedly going to be there to receive questions in question time while members of his own party are sitting in the opposition hammering the Government."

"baubles of power but not the responsibility of power?".

"I think the bottom line of collective responsibility is the public have to know who they can hold responsible,"

"What will the public support be like for MMP and even in terms of public participation? …I fear that the public will also feel somewhat burned by this government formation process." 

Victoria University Professor of Public Policy Jonathan Boston

"We ended up with a very unusual government. Is this a two-party coalition government or a four-party coalition government?"

"We have in effect a four-party coalition government, indeed a four-party majority government but a very unusual type of coalition government."

Victoria University political scientist Nigel Roberts told the conference that a poll he and colleague Steven Levine commissioned showed NZ First was the least popular coalition partner among Labour voters. 

For 63 per cent of Labour voters the most preferred coalition partner was the Greens while 39 per cent said NZ First was their least preferred option.  




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