Feel good legislation

If one looks at the Parliamentary order paper at the moment they will see two pieces of "feel good legislation". One is the Marrige (Gender Clarification) Bill and the Gender Identity Bill, sponsored by Gordon Copeland and Georgina Beyer respectively.

What a complete waste of Parliament’s time. As if there aren’t more important issues to tackle in this country other than gender.

Today being member’s day, the Gender Clarification Bill has just had its first reading debate. The standard of debate, I have to say, appeared to be rather poor, but then such a touchy feel subject is certainly hard to make a decent arguement about.

Fortunately the bill lost by 73 votes to 47. The split was as follows:

Labour: 49 opposed / 1 in favour

National: 12 opposed / 36 in favour

NZFirst: 2 opposed / 5 in favour

Greens: 6 opposed

Maori: 3 opposed

United Future: 3 in favour

Act: 2 in favour

Progressive: 1 opposed.

It was only 120 votes because Maori party only used 3 votes. Hone Harawira spoke in favour of the bill but, evidently, didn’t vote that way. (must have learnt from Ashraf!!)


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