Government continues waste

In a breathtaking display of wanton spending on something just not wanted or needed by a population the government has announced it will spend $450 million on Aucklands rail network.

As David Farrar points out that only 9000 per day use the trains and the and that amounts to $67000 per passenger.

This is astounding. Can anyone in Auckland name anyone that takes the train? (Family member of train customers exempt)



No……thought not.

Not surprising either when only 0.6% of Aucklands population takes the train. And why would you anyway, the trains go nowhere remotely interesting or useful except perhaps to stop at Newmarket. For me to get to Newmarket by the fantastically upgraded Rail network and utilising only public transport would require me to take two buses to get to Panmure and then the train to Newmarket, or if I was creative I could take one bus to Halfmoon Bay, then the ferry to downtown and then walk to Britomart and then a train to Newmarket.

Essentially Aucklands rail network (if you can call it that) is a remnant of a freight network before expansion in the North, East….oh hell every where. It mostly goes through industrial areas and mostly goes south. It most certainly does not go North or East thereby cutting off over half of Auckland from a rail network.

The other pertinent point is that most Aucklanders do not work in the CBD, nor do they shop there. Aucklanders tend to shop local like at Botnay Town Centre or St Lukes. For most of us we avoid Queen Street like we avoid cancer. 

It is ridiculous and frivilous to be spending $450 million on something Aucklanders don’t want or need. This must surekly be a sweetener to the Greens to keep them happy.


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