Grow up Winston

This guy is fast becoming the farce, all on the right who have experienced "Death by Winston", predicted.

Now he is warning the media that he is not about to buckle under continued questioning of his role as Foreign Minister.

He says the media’s "tissue of lies" surrounding events during his recent trips abroad, is a disgrace.

What lies? you ignoramus….you are a chump, statement of fact. 

He says those who are guilty of smearing his name should beware.

Oooohhh…quaking in my boots bully boy 

Mr Peters is promising to sue, saying he already has defamation writs against TVNZ and Radio New Zealand.

So what, your record of success in writs is not crash hot….sue away and die a broken and broken-arsed old bitter man. 

This government is degenerating into a complete bunch of arses. First up is idiot boy Cullen presiding over the destruction of the New Zealand economy with his thumb up his arse wondering what to do, then there is Bully-Boy Benson-Pope, a doomed and lame-duck minister and now we have a Minister of the Crown threatening sue over bad press…..oh for fucks sake when will it end.

Meanwhile the Left thinks they won….won my arse, they got Winston. We have had him before…..the taste is bitter and you always end up chucking.


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