Herald Resorts to Form – "Government apologist"

Audrey Young under the headline "Peters wins some but falls short" ries vainly to put some positive spin on his abject failure to oust Clarkson.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters lost his claim of overspending against his Tauranga nemesis, National MP Bob Clarkson, but he did not lose every aspect of the case.

He lost some arguments and he won some, but he did not win enough to push Mr Clarkson over the $20,000 spending limit in the Electoral Act and into a subsequent byelection.

Mr Peters fell short by $1840.21 – but even then there would not necessarily have been a byelection.

That is three different ways to try to make Winston look good. This is despite Winston claiming Clarkson spent over $100,000.

To use Winstons favourite word…..He demonstrably failed to prove anything at all. 

It is sad that the Herald and Audrey Young have to try to spin this abject failure as some sort of victory for a sad and pathetic has-been politician. 


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