Hercus resigns from TVNZ board

Just heard on the radio in the car on the way home that Ann Hercus has resigned as a TVNZ board member.

More on this as it comes to hand. 

Meanwhile ian Fraser is dishing the dirt on the machinations at the State Broadcaster. Low and behold the slimy mendacious hands of the Prime minister are all over the mess.

And further that new board member John Goulter, presumably at someones behest had run a campaign of spin against Fraser and Ralston.

Mr Fraser said the appointment of Mr Goulter to the board had coincided with a start of negative news stories about himself and Ralston.

"Over the three months since his arrival on the board there have been a series of stories in the news media relating to my competence, Bill Ralston’s competence and the fact that this member of the board is on our tail over those matters of confidence in management, as I say, that could be a coincidence.

"I don’t have any evidence."

Mr Fraser said the story could only have emanated from a board member.

This is all the hallmarks of Prime Ministerial meddling.


From Stuff:

The saga tonight claimed another scalp with the resignation of board member Dame Ann Hercus, effective immediately.

Dame Ann tonight released a copy of her resignation letter to Mr Boyce, in which she said she wanted to spend her time in "two areas of activity I enjoy – governance and fundraising".

"My second reason is that I strongly believe a board which chooses a new chief executive must predominantly be comprised of individuals who will continue to serve for a substantial time on the board and be accountable for their choice," she said.

"Given that the TVNZ board is not a large one, I believe I am doing the board and the appointing shareholding ministers a service by resigning now and enabling a replacement appointment to be in place early in the process of the new chief executive appointment."

The resignation letter was dated December 8.

Mmm…interesting, there are a couple of ways you could interpret thise statements.


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