Iraqi Democracy 3 – Terrorists 0

Great articles about the Iraqi vote. Of course we are unlikely to get anything like this coverage in our MSM.

First up some RealClearPolitics commentary from Senator Jon Kyl.

After months of criticism of President Bush’s policy, gloomy press coverage that seemed to focus almost entirely on car bombs, and near panic on the part of some Congressional Democrats, we now have a useful barometer to assess the real state of affairs in Iraq – Thursday’s historic and enormously successful parliamentary elections.

The third national plebiscite vote in just two years since Iraq’s liberation from Saddam Hussein was largely free of violence and saw a turnout rate higher than most western nations’. Millions of Iraqis who proudly dipped their fingers in purple ink, enjoying the democracy that our troops and their own have sacrificed so much to build, provided what the Wall Street Journal rightly described as “the most eloquent rebuttal to American defeatists.”

Then we heare from Mark Steyn who typical sticks it up the Democrats.

Well, that old Iraqi quagmire just keeps getting worse and worse, if only for the Democratic Party. What was the straw they were clutching at back in January? Oh, yeah, sure, gazillions of Kurds and Shiites might have gone to the polls, but where were the Sunni? As some of us said at the time, the Sunni’ll come out tomorrow. And so they did. On Thursday, they voted in record numbers, leaving Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats frantically scrambling for another disaffected Iraqi minority group they could use as proof that the whole crazy neocon war-for-oil scam was a bust.

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any disaffected Iraqi minority groups left. Oh, wait, there’s Ahmed at 37 Sword of the Infidel Slayer Gardens in Ramadi. Apparently, he’s still rejecting the new constitution. Maybe, if we’re lucky, he’s got a brother who’s mildly irked. Whoops, sorry, they just went off to vote, too. 

Maybe the naysayers of new Zealands left should acknowledge a job well done thus far….fat chance. 




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