Juss chuck it in bro

At our family Christmas eve get together tonight my sister related a little story about a friend of hers who picked up a chick one night out partying.

After a late night partying, they climbed into a cab for the ride back to his place.

Upon arriving continued the action that began in the cab and finally moved to the bedroom.

What with a busy night drinking and dancing the gent concerned needed a break and went to the bathroom.

After performing his ablutions he re-entered the bedroom to find his chosen lady, chick, skank completely naked on the bed on all fours looking over her shoulder at him and saying "Juss Chuck it in Bro" in her best South Auckland accent.

Now I don’t know about you that would probably dead set give me a Mr Floppy and I would probably bolt for the door.

Mr Nice-Guy however faced with such in invitation just couldn’t resist and did indeed "Juss Chuck it in".


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