"No Culture of Violence"….WTF

Justice Morris has released his report on his investigation into goings on at Waiouru Cadet School and has found "A contention a culture of violence existed throughout the existence of the school is not supported by my inquiries and is a gross overstatement."

First up its the Army hteya re trained to be violent so is he saying our army is training a bunch of blouses and; 

Lets examine the facts shall we? and see if we can find something the Justice has not.

  • Nineteen cases of alleged sexual abuse – including two of rape
  • the killing of 17-year-old cadet Grant Bain in 1981
  • 81 former cadets he interviewed told him of instances of physical and sexual abuse including: nuggetting, spooning, barrelling, beatings and kicking, verbal abuse, extortion, forced showering, cigarettes burns, and beatings with brooms and rifles. 
  • received 473 emails and letters from former cadets and people connected to the school. Of these, 215 claimed to have seen or experienced bullying
  • One told Mr Morris he was sterile because of being "spooned".
  • cadets report being burned with cigarettes, being beaten so hard they lost consciousness and had blood in their urine. 

Thats looks like a culture of violence and bullying to me. Does this Justice have fricken rocks in his head?

Turns out he does.

"I am satisfied, consciously or unconsciously, some of the descriptions given to me have been embroidered with the telling"

WTF, now he is a medium with the powers of mind reading. Stupid fuck!!!

This guy is a fricken disgrace, just as well he is retired.



 Army Abuse terms 

  • Nuggetting: Covering a cadet’s genitals with boot polish.
  • Spooning: Repeatedly hitting a cadet’s genitals with a spoon or towel.
  • Barrelling: Forcing a cadet to run the gauntlet of other cadets, who punch and hit him.

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