Now if he had only used a tennis ball there would be no trouble

The Northern Advocate via the Herald reports on a school prinicpal that forced a boy to hold a dog bone in his mouth for 30 minutes.

Janita Andrews is fuming after Morningside Primary School principal David Prchal was merely ordered to apologise to her after he made her son Judah put the bone in his mouth — in front of his classmates — as a punishment for biting a student during a lunch break.

"I’ve never experienced something so cruel… Putting a dog bone in his mouth is beyond me," Mrs Andrews said.

Apparently the inident happened a fortnight ago….maybe the police will for go charges despite the prima facie eveidence in this case as it happened in the past and isn’t relevant anymore. 

My bet is the Police will prosecute this guy….and we will all be left wondering why? If a Cabinet Minister can do this and get away with it why can’t a school prinicpal?…..or should we be wondering whether the Cabinet Minister should have been prosecuted?

I wonder too if we will hear from the Teachers unions with as much outrage as exhibited over a little email. I won’t hold my breath from those sanctimonious bastards.

One wonders too, what on earth is going on in our schools? We were told that this sort of behaviour was a thing of the past….it doesn’t happen now.

Clearly this sort of carry on is still happening.

I beleive in light of this case the Police now should re-open the Benson-Poppe fiasco.


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