December 2005

You know things are bad when Chris Trotter bags you

You know things are bad when Chris Trotter bags you.

I have always admired Chris Trotter. It is something i struggle to understand within me. He is implacably opposed to almost everything I believe in, yet he never wavers. He is also one of the few commentators I rate. Perhaps because we know exactly where he is coming from, with no hidden agenda and that he calls a spade a spade. I enjoy his articles and commentary and wish there were more of them.

This weeks effort in the Independent is an absolute pearler. It is so good I have kept a copy.

The money line is this.

A party with a vision for a better society has no need to play the man instead of the ball.

A party with a hunger to govern fairly and well does not defend the indefensible nor refuse to take on board reasonable criticism.

Labour in its first term had the sharp tang of new fruit and the refreshing coolness of a summer breeze.

Today it has the rancid, decaying smell of something that has been kept for far too long.

Full article in .pdf format. 


Cops with Balls

After the win in the Appeal Court the other day one of the cops involved in Clarks Mugabe like motorcade romp through the Canterbury countryside has spoken out against Clark and her toady Robinson.

"We did what we had to do, but still haven’t had a phone call or a letter or anything of appreciation of what we did, from anyone in hierarchy which is a bit disappointing,"

"You could call us scapegoats, but we were put before a legal system…I don’t feel we needed to be put there." #para "None of us deserved to be there. It could have been dealt with in house by someone making a statement on what we were there to do."

"We are there, paid to take a bullet for the PM, and obviously we basically did, one way or another.

"But he was just doing a job, so that’s good."

U turn, U turn, U Turn

Today the Government abandoned the Carbon Tax.

Bloody good show, this was one of the worst thought out taxes ever… all we need to do is abandon Kyoto, its a crock anyway.

I thought in contrast to their official glad tidings about removing the tax I would do a quick search to find the hypocrits.

Georgina Beyer

“The Government Climate Change Policy package announced today has both environmental integrity and due regard for New Zealand’s economic interests,”

“New Zealand must take climate change seriously. We have much to lose if global warming continues unchecked, and much to gain by contributing to the international effort to tackle it through the Kyoto Protocol. The policies announced today are designed to take us towards a more sustainable energy future,”

Pete Hodgson

"The good news for New Zealand is that significant savings are available from the adaptation of readily available emissions reductions technologies and practices. We know what we need to do to make our economy less emissions intensive, more energy efficient and more competitive. Being one of 150 nations to have ratified Kyoto means we have many options to meet our targets at least cost."

There will be no changes to the carbon tax as a result of this announcement.

From Hansard 

Hon. David Carter: In what way will imposing a carbon tax, and thereby increasing the cost for all New Zealanders, achieve a growth rate sufficient to lift New Zealand back into the top half of the OECD?

Hon. PETE HODGSON: The member might not be aware that New Zealand will be a net seller in the first commitment period, and almost certainly beyond it. Coupled with the in-principle decision to ensure that all gains from Kyoto are recycled back into the economy, such as through the tax system, the on-average gain for New Zealand will well exceed any loss. 

Government Press Release 4 May 2005

A carbon tax signals that certain options for fuel and energy come at a cost to society and the environment. This cost can no longer be ignored. The carbon tax ensures that consumers and producers begin to take this cost into account in the choices they make.

One wonders if the Auckland transport spend-up isn’t a Green buy off for silence over axing the tax?

Now don’t get me wrong, I oppose this barmy tax and i oppose Kyoto and I oppose the theft of New Zealanders property rights without compensation, but I had to use the same tactics the left would have if the right had made such a spectacular U turn.

Government continues waste

In a breathtaking display of wanton spending on something just not wanted or needed by a population the government has announced it will spend $450 million on Aucklands rail network.

As David Farrar points out that only 9000 per day use the trains and the and that amounts to $67000 per passenger.

This is astounding. Can anyone in Auckland name anyone that takes the train? (Family member of train customers exempt)



No……thought not.

Not surprising either when only 0.6% of Aucklands population takes the train. And why would you anyway, the trains go nowhere remotely interesting or useful except perhaps to stop at Newmarket. For me to get to Newmarket by the fantastically upgraded Rail network and utilising only public transport would require me to take two buses to get to Panmure and then the train to Newmarket, or if I was creative I could take one bus to Halfmoon Bay, then the ferry to downtown and then walk to Britomart and then a train to Newmarket.

Essentially Aucklands rail network (if you can call it that) is a remnant of a freight network before expansion in the North, East….oh hell every where. It mostly goes through industrial areas and mostly goes south. It most certainly does not go North or East thereby cutting off over half of Auckland from a rail network.

The other pertinent point is that most Aucklanders do not work in the CBD, nor do they shop there. Aucklanders tend to shop local like at Botnay Town Centre or St Lukes. For most of us we avoid Queen Street like we avoid cancer. 

It is ridiculous and frivilous to be spending $450 million on something Aucklanders don’t want or need. This must surekly be a sweetener to the Greens to keep them happy.

California homicides dwarf Iraq deaths

From Free Republic 

Recently released crime statistics show the homicide rate in California is 265 percent higher than the death rate suffered by U.S. and British military personnel in Iraq.

According to the report "Crime in California 2004," compiled by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, there were 2,394 reported homicides in the Golden State last year. That compares with 905 deaths of coalition forces in Iraq, chiefly Americans and Brits, during the same time period.

A monthly average of 75 deaths of American and British forces has remained fairly constant over the last two years.

The peak for homicides in California was in 1993, when there were 4,095 reported.

Speeding PM's driver wins appeal

From the Herald

The civilian driver found guilty of dangerous driving in the Prime Minister’s speeding motorcade case has won his appeal.

The man, who has name suppression, was at the wheel of Helen Clark’s limousine during her controversial high speed trip between Waimate and Christchurch last year. He was convicted of dangerous driving and fined in August.

The driver’s lawyer Jonathon Eaton argued at the appeal hearing that the judge had erred by treating the driver and the two policemen who were also convicted, as a group rather than individually.

Mr Eaton said his client was very pleased about the court’s decision. He told National Radio: "On analysis, particularly regarding the approach regarding sentencing, it struck me that the judge hadn’t distinguished between all the three drivers who were convicted, and that there was certainly an arguable basis to distinguish between them.

"That’s one of the key reasons upon which the High Court has found he should be discharged without conviction."

Another Labour Minister is a prima facie crim

Police have found that Health Minister Pete Hodgson committed a technical assault when he grabbed Madeleine Flannagan’s arm during a political protest at the University of Otago in September, but will not be charging him.

Why ever not?

Assault is assault, what does it take for the Police to act against a Labour Minister.

For gods sake they charged Shane Ardern for driving a tractor, surely that could be construed the same way "Due to the minor nature of the incident, the intervention of the criminal law was not warranted." 

One has to start thinking that perhaps the Police are in the pocket of the government.

Umm, Keith we aren't US citizens

Dopey Keith Locke is suggesting that New Zealand should suspend the passing of information from Waihopai to the US because "George Bush now thinks he is above the law and can use the NSA in an arbitrary way. Clearly New Zealanders are no longer safe from NSA spying"

Duh!!! Keith the US can and probably does already spy on us WITHOUT breaking the law because we are not US citizens on US soil. 

I don’t know what all the fuss is over really, if they didn’t intercept and monitor and there was another incident then can you just imagine all those outraged plonkers asking why not in order to ensure everything was done to ensure the US’s safety.

Keith Locke is a plonker fair and square. 



This is who is responsible for anything in the Liar-bour Government.

First one to crack the code wins a Whaleoil mug.