Party Pills Petition

New National MP Jacqui Dean has launched a petition calling for tighter restrictions on party pills. Whilst I can see where she might be coming from, and can see how it might be a popular move, I’m not quite sure the answer lies in tighter restrictions.

Party Pills don’t always produce good results or the legal "high" that users expect. In fact, several of my friends have commented that party pills have worse side effects than the "real stuff", and there is certainly evidence that the pills can sometimes cause adverse effects and has hospitilised what might seem like a lot of people. But then so does alcohol…

The age for purchasing party pills is set at 18, but the point Jacqui Dean appears to be making is that they are still too widely available. With this I would agree with perhaps limiting them to outlets with liquor licences and (if not already in law) increase any fines/deterrant in line with that imposed for alcohol sales.

But if Jacqui Dean is suggesting banning party pills altogether, then I will have to disagree with her on there. The reason being that there has to be a certain level of personal choice involved where if a person wants to put something down there throat that my have negative effects, then that is their choice and they have to live with the consequences. The difference between party pills and something like P is that party pills don’t result in users going on wild rages and killing people. They are also a cheaper and safer means of keeping people away from the pill’s class A brothers and sisters.

Good on Jacqui though for taking on a cause which is important to her and is a concern of constiuents. At the very least, a review of the party pills situation will not hurt anyone.


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