Questions on DBP

I wonder if Benson Pope will show up to Parliament today to answer questions?

4. JUDITH COLLINS to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Who from his office supplied parts of the police files involving historic allegations against him to the Herald on Sunday, and did he authorise that action by his office?

Judith is brilliant and takes no prisoners – she might even bring her tennis ball again! In case he doesn’t show up, there is a question laid down for the PM asking if she has confidence in DBP:

2. Dr DON BRASH to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in her Minister for Social Development and Employment; if so, why?

Of Course, the answer will be "Yes, because he is a hard working and conscientious minister". How she expects anyone to believe that, I don’t know. After all, she used to say that about Hawkins too!!.


UPDATE: Yep – she just said it (2.14pm)

UPDATE 2: Even Pita Sharples is getting stuck in now, drawing the Maori angle and comparing the cases where Dover Samuels was sacked and DBP wasn’t.

UPDATE 3: Judith Collins has just asked her question. DBP admits authorising is press secretary to brief HoS. Rodney Hide point of order about answer’s brevity.

UPDATES continued…

Claims he corrected the reports as soon as he found out his Press Sec inncorrectly informed HoS.

Well, at least he admits only selectively releasing info. Labour Caucus is quiet, obviously distancing themselves from this fool.

COLLINS: Will he do the decent thing and resign. DBP: NO

Rodney Hide asking if DBP stands by statements in Parliament. DBP says he is one of the 19 people who doesn’t recall the event or refutes them.

HIDE: (point of order) DBP changed answer from when originally asked question when he said he denied them, changed now to ‘can’t remember’- another breach of priviledge. WILSON: Minister addressed the question.

COLLINS: Did Tennis Ball incident happen, or are the students lying? WILSON: Minster doesn’t have responsibility. (Wilson keeps saving him!!)

Wilson’s getting grumpy. Collins asks question again adding ‘will he just give us a straight answer’. DBP gives same answer.

Winston’s up now – (and the old man is saving DBP too) – by refering to Brash and nuclear issue. DBP plays it safe and accepts no repsonsibility.

…and now the shows’s over, at least until tomorrow.


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