Speeding PM's driver wins appeal

From the Herald

The civilian driver found guilty of dangerous driving in the Prime Minister’s speeding motorcade case has won his appeal.

The man, who has name suppression, was at the wheel of Helen Clark’s limousine during her controversial high speed trip between Waimate and Christchurch last year. He was convicted of dangerous driving and fined in August.

The driver’s lawyer Jonathon Eaton argued at the appeal hearing that the judge had erred by treating the driver and the two policemen who were also convicted, as a group rather than individually.

Mr Eaton said his client was very pleased about the court’s decision. He told National Radio: "On analysis, particularly regarding the approach regarding sentencing, it struck me that the judge hadn’t distinguished between all the three drivers who were convicted, and that there was certainly an arguable basis to distinguish between them.

"That’s one of the key reasons upon which the High Court has found he should be discharged without conviction."