Take, Take, Take, when will it end?

The Government has recorded a $3 billion surplus in the first four months of the financial year. More of our hard earned money being diverted.

Once again the Government has taken more than it planned, $900 million more than planned in actual fact.

Treasury is currently forecasting a total surplus of $7.2 billion for the full financial year ending next June, but these forecasts are set to be updated later this month.

Yeah we all know how good Treasury is at forecasting things…invariably they err on the the light side.

The rapaciousness of th Government know no bounds.

If last years surplus wasn’t big enough for tax cuts what about this years?

I bet Cullen will have an epiphany next year and say Tax cuts are now affordable, of course if he doesn’t tank the economy in the meantime by raising interest rates even higher.


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