The Democrats Quandry on Iraq

Article from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Well worth a read on how the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with their own brush and their own paint.

But, in fact, the Democrats are finding Iraq just as troublesome for them as it is for Bush and the GOP, if for different reasons. Democrats have two political problems on Iraq policy, one tactical and the second strategic.

The tactical problem is glaringly obvious. Democrats are deeply divided on Iraq. Thus, they cannot unify around an alternative policy to President Bush’s determination to persevere long enough to ensure that the American mission in Iraq succeeds.

The Democrats’ strategic political problem is less immediately obvious but more ominous for their long-term prospects to reclaim Congress and the White House. If Democrats cave to their anti-war base constituency (the left-leaning wing of their party), they would validate Republican charges that they are becoming the party of "retreat and defeat."

That, in turn, would stamp Democrats, again, as weak on national security; a perception that helped Republicans win seven of the last 10 presidential elections. 


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