This is where your rates go…

A few months ago the Mayor of Manukau City Sir Barry Curtis led a trade delegation to the Cook Islands and Samoa. He took a swag of city councillors along, as well as half the Council’s overpaid staff.

Questions were asked about what benefits this would bring to the city. Behind the Mayor’s spin and rhetoric about economic development and the diversity of Manukau, the answer is actually little, if any at all.

The first benefit to be seen however is not for the city, but for the Mayor himself; today, Sir Barry was awarded honourary citizenship of the cook islands.

The biggest question here is ‘why should local authorities be spending ratepayers money sending staff and the mayor on overseas trips?’ After all, I thought it was Winston’s job to do that?!?

Local Authorities impose large rates increases year after year and expenditure like this does not help. Now Sir Barry believes Manukau City Council can help provide expertise in areas such as environmental management and economic development to assist the Cook Islands in growing its economy while preserving the quality of the natural environment.

This all comes at the cost of the ratepayers in Manukau.


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