Trees and a conspiracy

Normally I don’t comment on Auckland local politics unless it is Manukau coz that is where I live. I didn’t "do" Auckland as that was Aaron B.’s domain. However with him gone I guess it lets me have a little say.

I have watched with interest the saga of the Queen Street massacre. today on the deadwood version of the Herald I finally got sniff of what is up with this little saga.

Dick is a….well a dick. He has no spine for anything at all, he desperately wants to be the Mayor he told us all he would be. Clearly he is a lightweight.

his council are a bunch of back stabbing leftie featherbedders.

Featherbedders I hear you ask….yep featherbedders.

It seems that the "independent" arborist (Gordon Ikin) asked to report on the trees the coucil wants destroyed is also the head of the company that won the tender to replace the trees….Hmmm if it smells like fish, tastes like fiah it probably is fish.

We also find that a truly independent arborist and native tree expert says there is nothing wrong with the trees and that the so called "independent" arborist is actually full of shit.

I also have to ask that if Plane trees are so "evil" and should be replaced by poxy cabbage trees and nikaus why hasn’t the council started the death sentence on all the trees up at the university or indeed the plane trees in the streets surrounding the dopey mayor’s house….and another thing when is he going to chop down the big walnut tree in his front yard.


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