U turn, U turn, U Turn

Today the Government abandoned the Carbon Tax.

Bloody good show, this was one of the worst thought out taxes ever…..now all we need to do is abandon Kyoto, its a crock anyway.

I thought in contrast to their official glad tidings about removing the tax I would do a quick search to find the hypocrits.

Georgina Beyer

“The Government Climate Change Policy package announced today has both environmental integrity and due regard for New Zealand’s economic interests,”

“New Zealand must take climate change seriously. We have much to lose if global warming continues unchecked, and much to gain by contributing to the international effort to tackle it through the Kyoto Protocol. The policies announced today are designed to take us towards a more sustainable energy future,”

Pete Hodgson

"The good news for New Zealand is that significant savings are available from the adaptation of readily available emissions reductions technologies and practices. We know what we need to do to make our economy less emissions intensive, more energy efficient and more competitive. Being one of 150 nations to have ratified Kyoto means we have many options to meet our targets at least cost."

There will be no changes to the carbon tax as a result of this announcement.

From Hansard 

Hon. David Carter: In what way will imposing a carbon tax, and thereby increasing the cost for all New Zealanders, achieve a growth rate sufficient to lift New Zealand back into the top half of the OECD?

Hon. PETE HODGSON: The member might not be aware that New Zealand will be a net seller in the first commitment period, and almost certainly beyond it. Coupled with the in-principle decision to ensure that all gains from Kyoto are recycled back into the economy, such as through the tax system, the on-average gain for New Zealand will well exceed any loss. 

Government Press Release 4 May 2005

A carbon tax signals that certain options for fuel and energy come at a cost to society and the environment. This cost can no longer be ignored. The carbon tax ensures that consumers and producers begin to take this cost into account in the choices they make.

One wonders if the Auckland transport spend-up isn’t a Green buy off for silence over axing the tax?

Now don’t get me wrong, I oppose this barmy tax and i oppose Kyoto and I oppose the theft of New Zealanders property rights without compensation, but I had to use the same tactics the left would have if the right had made such a spectacular U turn.


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