Up, up up the estimates go

Yet another estimate on the barmy student loan bribe of Labour.

Again the numbers climb.

Latest figures show the cost of the Government’s interest-free student loan policy has risen since the cost stated last month. 

The mendacity of Cullen know no bounds.

He lied in the campaign, then trried to cover it up and now estimate after estimate comes out showing the numbers keep climbing.

Cullen however keeps the lie alive by continuing to say the current estimates are still less than what treasury was forced to release during the election….yes Michael, but they are still higher than your lies.

The truth will only really be know a few years down the track. Then it will not be able to be hidden.

I still ponder though, why labour would introduce a policy that increases student debt when they said in 1999 that debt levels of students were already too high?

Jordan continues to whinge about tax cuts as "hugely irresponsible". Yet tax cuts are proven to aid the economy and student loan interest will not aid the economy one little bit, it simply encourages the already burgeoning tertiary sector to put on more silly courses oh and of course increase student debt higher than when you took office.


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