US Bank tells investors to get out

Goldman Sachs has warned its clients to sell the currency because New Zealand’s economy is likely to "slow very quickly" next year.

As the exchange rate continues to rise we are likely to see another interest rate hike tomorrow by Alan Bollard which will only make matters worse.

Cullen and Bollard are effectively overseeing the destruction of New Zealands export economy. Remember that Cullen only a few years ago was crowing about the "export led" recovery.

However, more worrying is where the money is coming from.

Where I hear you ask?

The vast majority of the money pouring into New Zealand is Muslim money…..thats right Muslim money from Muslim investors looking so a semi-safe place to invest away from bombs and terrorists. An insider tells me that this is continuing unabated and no amount of government posturing will alter the fact that Muslims see our country as a safe haven for their funds.

This in turn will see the rise of our currrency to previously unheard of heights.

Meanwhile the government fiddles.


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