You know things are bad when Chris Trotter bags you

You know things are bad when Chris Trotter bags you.

I have always admired Chris Trotter. It is something i struggle to understand within me. He is implacably opposed to almost everything I believe in, yet he never wavers. He is also one of the few commentators I rate. Perhaps because we know exactly where he is coming from, with no hidden agenda and that he calls a spade a spade. I enjoy his articles and commentary and wish there were more of them.

This weeks effort in the Independent is an absolute pearler. It is so good I have kept a copy.

The money line is this.

A party with a vision for a better society has no need to play the man instead of the ball.

A party with a hunger to govern fairly and well does not defend the indefensible nor refuse to take on board reasonable criticism.

Labour in its first term had the sharp tang of new fruit and the refreshing coolness of a summer breeze.

Today it has the rancid, decaying smell of something that has been kept for far too long.

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