60,000 tickets from 10 cameras

Figures released today show that the top ten speed cameras were responsible for over 60,000 tickets.

I fail to see how this is a road safety issue, it is simply revenue gathering. Proof that there is no raod safety issue within coooeeeeee is the sheer numbers of offenders in areas with known cameras.

Either motorist don’t care about the fine or don’t care about the speed issue, either way they don’t care.

I for one have never had a speed camera fine, but that doesn’t mean anything other than I know where they are and slow down for the 100m needed to get past them, then on my merry way I go.

I dare say almost everyone else is the same.

Some speed cameras are also a legacy of the past, there is one on Waipuna Road in Mt Wellington that used to be the main access to Pakuranga, the camera is still there despite the building some years ago of the Douth Eastern Highway around this point. To date there is no camera on the Highway and still the one on Waipuna Road whre there is actually fuck all traffic compared to the Highway. the only reason for this camera to be there now is purely revenue gathering.

I think it is time to be innovative about Road Saftey and not revenue oriented.


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