A little experiment in firelighting

I think I might head off to the Coromandel on the weekend and try a little experiment.

I think I will light a fire, after all the fire ban can’t be that serious if Jeanette and Harry don’t get prosecuted.

All the years that I used to go to the Coromandel for my holidays when I was a kid we all knew about fire bans. Then there are the ads on TV.

My point is this. If there is a fire ban why is it not enforced?

If there is no need to enforce the ban then there mustn’t be a need for the ban. Why has the fire ban not been lifted for the Coromandel.

I bet if I light my fire, I get prosecuted. I bet that if I defend myself and invoke the Fitzsimons defence I will get nowhere other than a police cell.

This might sound like a dissertation long after the event but I have thought a bit about this and can’t come to any other cconclusion than those above.

There is either a Fire Ban or Not. It can’t be both. If there is a ban then offenders should be held accountable and I would argue that a quasi-minister/spokesperson for the Government should indeed be held accountable to a higher standard than most.

Unfortunately the standards of this government and it hack supporters are such that no higher standard is held for those in positions of power especially in relation to forgery, speeding, assault, bullying, lying, immigration scams and now breaching fire bans.

It seems that those who are actually held accountable are either Maori (Samuels, Tamihere) of not friends of Helens (Smith, Ardern, Dalziel).


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