ARC Chairman almost right

I blogged on this issue the other day and it seems that the ARC Chairman has almost got it right.

He thinks it is silly to to have a ban on feeding stray cats….and he is dead right, however he doesn’t propose an alternative solution….the Final Solution.

Look there is species bias out there. If a dog is "stray" it is quickly rounded up, probably destroyed at the outset and if it was part of a group of dogs roaming around it will be labelled "wild" and part of a "pack" and destroyed outright.

A cat however can roam at will, crap in the kids sandpit, destroy native birds, pass on diseases to small babies, caterwaul all friggin’ night and some stupid bint or lonely old man will feed the friggin’ thing along with 40 of its mates and running crying to the press if someone dares remove the lazy good for nothing whole "pack" of "wild" cats.

I say cats should be treated at least the same as dogs, with designated walking areas, the owners responsible for picking up their shit and requiring them to be fenced in the interests of safety for our bird population……

Nah….just shoot them, end of story.


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