Are the wheels coming off the cart?

Jeanette "little lucifer" Fitzsimons has been spewing bile at the government in particular over the "betrayal" and the carbon tax flip-flop.

In her annual "State of the PLanet" address which is actually an anti-American slanging-fest she has lambasted the government.

Greens leader Jeanette Fitzsimons has made a scathing attack on the Government, saying it has no obvious new ideas and may be remembered for taking "giant leaps" backwards.

In her strongest criticism of the Labour-led Government to date, Ms Fitzsimons said it was unable to be more than a "caretaker" Administration and had "no obvious new ideas, no vision for creating a more habitable world".

"It is a Government which will be notable mainly for preventing a National agenda rather than for implementing anything positive."

"We believe that most Labour voters believed they were voting for a Labour and Green Government."

She also slags Labour and holds them solely accountable for the Carbon Tax flip-flop. She refuses to give any quarter and lays the "blame" for abandoning the tax squarely on labour’s sagging shoulders.

"It is Labour and Labour alone that must face the music for abandoning our sole economic instrument to internalise the environmental costs of carbon."

"I think they [Labour] had been planning it for some time. I think it would suit Labour if people think they had no choice because of their agreement with Winston and Peter Dunne, but that is absolutely not true."

Finally, since this address was given at Waihopai she had to appease the more bizzare members of her party by finishing up with typical Greenie anti-American vitriol. In the best traditions of Comrade Keith who surely must have written this part of her speech she says;

She warned against a free-trade agreement with the US, saying New Zealand should learn from the Australian experience where "the blood of Australians in Iraq has been traded for an FTA".


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