Bad start to a new law

A couple of rhetorical questions:

If a 23 yr old man was found having sex with a 13 yr old girl, would there be a public outcry and a hefty sentence to match?

If you were a parent and walked in on a 23 yr old woman having sex with your 13 yr old son, would you be outraged?

The second senario isn’t so much a rhetorical question, but what actually happened in April last year. 23 yr old Briar Jayne Dravitski was caught by the mother of a 13 year old boy as she was having sex with him at her house. Up until recently, statutory rape wasn’t a crime between a female and an underage boy, but parliament has since changed the law.

In recent cases heard in the Taranaki courts, men found guilty of sex with underage girls were sentenced to prison. This was acknowledged by the police prosecutor interviewed for the story, and the judge even "originally thought imprisonment was enevitable".

However, the woman only received 240 hours of community service. I really don’t want to think that this judge has decided that statutory rape by a woman is less of a crime and committed by a man, but apparently that’s the case.


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