BZP ban needs rethink.

Having a relatively liberal outlook on most things, I managed to come across this press release from the Libertarianz Party.

The Libertarianz drug spokesman, Dr Richard Goode makes some good points about the banning of BZP debate. Like Dr Goode, I don’t think the campaign that Jacqui Dean is leading to ban party pills is the right approach.

Young people are always going to want to experiment and if parliament outlaws every stimulent known to man, they will only turn to harder, more dangerous drugs in the end.

Aside from the fact that adults are perfectly capable of deciding what they put in their bodies, keeping BZP party pills legal give young people an safer alternative that still gives them a buzz without turning them into criminals. Without the safer alternative, the P problem that we hear about every week would be much worse than it already is.

I sincerely hope Jacqui Dean reconsiders the quest shes leading at the moment, and thinks about the wider implications of what she is proposing. She should also remember that she is a member of the party that is opposed to the balooning "nanny state".


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