Clearly tickets don't work

Police and Transport officials are having a "crisis" meeting over the surge in the road toll.

Amongst other suggestions these three are touted as being able to help control the toll.

  • Demerit points for motorists who run red lights.
  • Stricter penalties for learner and restricted driver breaches.
  • Toughening up speed enforcement by issuing more tickets.

This is the biggest load of bollocks I have heard so far this year.

We have more tickets issued than ever before and the toll isn’t going down. It is patently obvious to all but the Government and their Revenue Collectors, the Police, that speed enforcement (tickets) is not working.

I bet if a poll was conducted New Zealanders would vote overwhelmingly that tickets are simply a revenue gathering exercise and contribute not a jot to reducing the road toll.

As for demerits for running red lights…how the fuck are they going to enforce that….if someone doesn’t think the risk of imminent death is enough to stop them running a red light then how on earth is giving them, somehow, demerit point is going to stop them.


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