Comrade Locke's defunct logic

I realise a relaxing Sunday is the worst day of the week to be trying to understand Keith Locke logic, but here is an interesting one for ya. Keith Locke actually believes that the New Zealand taxpayer should be compensating East Timor for something we had nothing to do with.

Comrade Locke believes this is an appropriate course of action for NZ to take because we happened to recognise that "East Timor could not become independent" during Indonesia’s occupation of East Timor during 1975 – 1999. It isn’t good that Indonesia killed up to 180,000 during that time, but NZ had nothing to do with this, and Indonesia itself has said it won’t pay reparation for what happening.

Instead, Comrade Locke thinks NZ though "lead the way" with our over-taxed pockets. Yes, it is confirmed – Locke is the worst advocate for NZ interests.


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