Correction Changes its Policy after being Bullocked

Finally after Josie Bullock spoke out after being suspended for refusing to sit at the back of the  room because she was a woman the Corrections Department has had an epiphany and decided that it should change its policy so that would be guided by the principles that women and men had the same roles.

"be guided by the principles that women and men had the same roles" Whatever the fuck does that mean. More mumbo jumbo from some pointhead, cardigan, sandal wearing do-gooder.

And are they still going to discriminate against women….yup you betcha but "only in exceptional circumstances". 

Great, excellant "only in exceptional circumstances". Discrimination is discrimination there are no "exceptional; circumstances".

What I don’t get is why there are special welcomings and farewells featuring Maori Protocol anyway surely it is the Corrections Department. What ever is wrong with "Hi, You are prisoner 124536-x, your cell number is 15a, Welcome to prison" and for the farewell how about "thanks for coming, now get out." 

But oh no we are going to have the less formal whakatau now.

"Key features of a whakatau include the same roles for men and women, which will be reflected in the seating arrangements, and the use of languages other than Te Reo Maori if required,"

The new policy said whakatau would not be held if the same roles and seating arrangements for men and women could not be assured.

In exceptional circumstances, powhiri (welcome) that assigned gender-based roles may be conducted, but it was expected such exceptions would rarely be applied to department events.

Mr Matthews said: "The department’s responsiveness to Maori remains a key element in meeting its goal of reducing re-offending.

"What we in fact found, however, was that the enthusiasm of staff meant that in some cases powhiri were being misused and its tikanga (custom) not protected."

Powhiri would now be held only in exceptional circumstances and only with his approval. Staff would have the choice of whether to participate or not.

What aload of neo-liberal, clap-trap…..responsiveness to Maori be buggered… I have never heard such crap in all my life. How exactly does welcoming someone and farewelling them again in a sexist and discriminatory way reduce re-offending?

No private sector business would tolerate this garbage and nor should the taxpayer.I have yet to work for any corporation or business in the private sector that carries on with special maori ceremonies. The only place I have ever come across it is at Council and Government institutions…and institutions seems to be the best way to describe these loons and their propensity to appease stone-age animist mumblings and beliefs.

Move on people it is the 21st Century….there are no such things as taniwha, spirits and the like and we live in a society twhere supposedly we are all equal. 


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