Future Auckland a front for the Greens.

Recently, the Greens started banging on about a great new local body website called "Future Auckland", which is at futureauckland.blogspot.com.

After reading this drivel and noticing a propensity to endorse 1880’s solutions, I was curious who "Concerned Citizen", the host of Future Auckland was.

Turns out that the graphic for future auckland is sourced from a website www.palaver.co.nz , a website design company that belongs to Jeremy Hall.

I know that name. Jeremy Hall was a former City Vision candidate until Bruce Hucker dumped him for disloyalty in 2004. Check out this google cache of the article.

and a google search for Jeremy Hall also reveals he was a Green Party candidate for the 1999 election, (number 32)


Now, the point I make is this. Future Auckland is being dishonest about what it stands for. It doesn’t at all flag its political stance and suggests itself to be fairly neutral, although commentary is certainly apologetic towards the Hubbard administration.

Anonymous run blogs like mine are fine when people know what they are getting
from views on the political spectrum.  It’s a little intellectually dishonest to be anonymous in name and deceptive in political views though.

Now some might ask how dishonest is it really. Well just peruse Jeremy Halls articles on his site.

In Summary;

So have we outed the Greens? Maybe, maybe not.

The point is why don’t they just declare their affiliations and let people judge them on that. Now we will just think they are bunch of train loving dickheads.


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