Grandpa Whaleoil and the fish

Grandpa Whaleoil took the kids fishing on Saturday morning.

Both Master and Miss Whaleoil were very keen. As Grandpa Whaleoil drove the boat across the front of the Waiteti and Ngongotaha stream mouths I put out the lines.

We were trolling some bright orange lures that had seemed to work well this summer.

Miss Whaleoil and Master Whaleoil stationed themselves behind "their" lines.

I took over the driving while Grandpa Whaleoil checked the lines and as I turned through the outgoing stream we saw heaps on the sounder, then we had the strike.

Miss Whaleoil shreiked that we had one and Grandpa Whaleoil leapt to her aid. I placed the boat in neutral and got in the other line.

 This fish was a fighter, round and round it went, leapt clear from the water three times and went under the boat.

We finally got it on board and checked it out. It was a 55cm long and 4lb Rainbow.

Miss Whaleoil loudly proclaimed it to be her fish as it was caught on "her" line.

Grandpa Whaleoil and Rainbow






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