Helen Clark has no friggin' idea

Clearly she shows she is a leader out of touch with reality and focussed on only one thing.

She says her priorities for this term are  the economy and Auckland.

What exactly does she say about the economy?

The most critical issue facing the Government this term is taking the next step in the "economic transformation agenda". 

WTF is that supposed to mean? Oh wait the acronym is ETA…..now we can all guess what is going to happen…."there is no ETA for tax cuts"

"Economic Transformation Agenda" sounds like a MacGillicuddy Serious Party or at the least like some sort of Leninist/Maoist re-education policy.

So what about Auckland?

She wants to retain a focus on getting things done for Auckland.

What precisely has she "done" for Auckland….well nothing actually. Our roads are screwed, our police are over worked and all her government has done to Auckland has take, take, take.

Clearly the Prime Minister has’t spent any amount of time in Auckland trying to travel around the city without the benefit of a speeding motorcade.

However she really reveals what it is all about with this line.

The third term was "all about the next term, the fourth term, and it’s all about doing well enough to earn support for that".

Thats why her and her cronies will tank the economy, because they are trying to save up to splurge all the goodies for a fourth term. 

Cullen has no idea about the economy, he has simply presided over the benefits of the past hard work with no idea on how it actually works. Now he has sent his minions up to Japan to tell them we don’t want their money.   


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