I have a better solution, shoot the fricken things

Now anyone who knows me knows I hate cats. I mean I really haaaate cats. They are natures greasers, they contribute nothing and mooch everything, kind of like an animal dole bludger.

The only good cat in my book is a dead cat.

So it is with my absolute blessing that the ARC is trying to make it illegal to feed wild cats.

The ARC says research shows that birds and lizards form a large part of a cat’s diet, and limiting the impact of cats was important for protecting biodiversity.

Nice words but I reckon they are just simply annoying, fighting, muelling and disgusting.

Some whacko reckons the ARC are being mean. This dickhead, Ian Bergquist, who helps to look after a colony of about 35 wild cats near a shopping centre carpark, said banning their feeding would simply compound the problem.

"If you don’t feed them, they’re going to go into another area, into other people’s property," he said.

"There will also be a lot of sick cats around, because it will be survival of the fittest."

So what….my solution would solve the problem….shoot the fricken lot of them.

The ARC wants to all ban dumping cats….apart from the obvious problem of finding out who did it I reckon they should amend this proposal to say you are allowed to dump cats but they have to be in a sack with a minimum of 3 bricks and dumped after a long walk off a short pier.


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