I Lub my Huspand….even though….

I banged into a good friend of mine at the Outdoorsmans Headquarters in Rotorua, which by the way is simply the best Outdoors store in New Zealand….perhaps even Australia.

Anyway, he was down from Lake Tarawera and I was tripping the family around the sights. We all ended up at his place over looking Lake Tarawera and he related this story to me.

A friend of his was on a mission to Samoa (literally a mission, he is a missionary) and attended a Praise Service.

At the praise service people get up and give thanks to the lord or whoever for the good things that happen in their life.

One particular woman stood up and made the following statement.

"I lub my huspand!….even tho’ he peat me"

"I luuub my huspand!!….even tho’ he sleep wiv my sistah" 

"I luuuuub my huspand!!!!….even tho’ he having a pay-pee wiv my sistah.

"I luuuub my huspand!!!!"

Apparently the congregation was completely silent…..I wonder where the huspand was?


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