Just who is Owen Glenn?

Over at Sir Humphreys they have  drawn attention to Investigate Magazine expose on the alledgedly dodgy dealing of Liar-bours largest benefactor. There is also a comment from Darren who is also a member of Whaleoil’s loyal readers. It is so apt I post it here.

Now, here’s a thought.

The media whipped up such a storm over the Exclusive Bretheren dishing out anti-Liarbour leaflets during the election campaign.

But really, the EB were doing nothing illegal.

Now, here we have Liar-bour’s biggest benefactor implicated in all kinds of dodgy dealings and apparantly gaining from his paid influence.

Now, while I am sure the Antique Media, to use Adolf’s delighful description, will have being informed of Investigate”s exposure, will they go into the story with the same gusto and enthusiasm that they went into Bretherengate?

Now, imagine if this story had broken at the same time as Bretherengate, in the run-up to polling. What might the media coverage have been?

How might it have impacted on the election result? Certainly Owen Glenn’s $500,000 will have made some difference, if only funding the ‘recruitment drive’ in South Auckland.

As noted above, the media also went to town on Mallard’s groundless smears against National and US influence, a matter Hansard records actually started by Clark.

But here we have real proof of an overseas billionaire, funding our party of government, getting results from its investment, and being found out to be less than honest in its dealings.

A great story here for someone in the "antique media" to follow-up.

Finally, full marks to Investigate for noting AL’s earlier investigations, running with them and uncovering something with legs, with proof, something that is substiantated.

I recall Investigate was the only major publication to report on AL excellent postings of the Doonegate papers and noted how the tv, papers, and radio did not report on these papers even though its journalists were informed of the fresh existence of these Doonegate papers prior to Election 2005.

Now, what other things might AL have uncovered that can lead to something more major? What other cover-ups or Liar-bour scandals can Sir Humphreys expose?

And will it be left to Investigate to continue with inquiries and bring them to wider public attention.

And when might the Antique Media also see what other stories it is missing out on, deliberately, or otherwise?


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