Oh for fucks sakes this is getting ridiculous

Apparently the Fire Service is about to sign an agreement with local iwi in the Nelson area that gives locals a guarantee that the Fire Service will respect Maori protocol at emergency scenes.

What ever the fuck that is??????

This is just patent ridiculousness.

And just how is the Fire Service supposed to know when an accident victim is Maori?

And whats the bet the Maori protocol requires the call out at some fucking enormous extortionate number for a fucking blessing on the fucking side of the fucking road. 

Fucks sake….shit thats 6 fucks…seven and 1 shit so far.

Man this crap makes my blood boil.

Let me say right here, right now, I don’t want any fucking Maori Protocol used at the scene of any accident I happen to be in. I want good efficient emergency services immediately without superfluous busy-body wankers getting in the way.


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