Overheard in a Coromandel Peninsula Restaurant

A friend of a friend (FOF) of mine was dining at a popular eatery at a popular beach resort on the Coromandel when he noticed a familiar face.

He however couldn’t remember exactly who the person was, so he got up and went over and introduced himself. The person stated she was Michelle Boag and finally the penny dropped for the  FOF who then said Ahhhhh…now I know who you are….my mate doesn’t like you very much.

Upon enquiring who the mate was she then proceeeded to launch into a tirade against him using all sorts of language generally not becoming a lady….but then as someone pointed out to me "she ain’t much of a lady"

Finally after spewing vitriol for all and sundry to hear she finished up with the retort. "Oh he hates me because I beat his good mate for the presidency"

The FOF then dutifully pointed out that that wasn’t the case at he actually hated her because she promised so much and delivered so little, in fact the worst result for the party "ever".

He then went and sat down and finished his meal, which by all accounts was delicious and clearly now had been served with superb entertainment.


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