Politics of Envy….Again

The government is exploring "slapping higher penalties" on supposed gas guzzling vehicles in a forlorn effort to promte fuel efficiency.

Read higher taxes for "slapping higher penalties"

Typical socialist response to a non issue.

Bizarrely at the same time oil companies are the only ones claiming a lower NZ dollar for the reason for their latest price hike.

Every one else in New Zealand is crying out that the dollar is too high.

New Zealand because of its strange decision to include fuel prices and interest rates in its inflation index is always going to be in a Catch-22 situation. High dollar cheaper fuel but exporters tank….low dollar high fuel leads to increases in inflation, which leads to increases in interst rates which leads to increased inflation which leads to increases in interest rates……you get the picture, it also leads to increases int he value of the NZ dollar which tanks the export lead economy.

And Cullen has no idea.


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