Sharples talks sense

Pita Sharples seems to be talking sense (again). It seems his performance in the leaders debate (minus not know what the Cullen-fund was) wasn’t a fluke after all.

Sharples, fresh from a hip operation, has publically stated that Maori are too dependent on welfare.

"In the year ahead I think you are going to see a continued attack on poverty by us. We are reminded of it daily when we go to our people’s houses. It’s poverty of knowledge as well as poverty of physical goods."

Dr Sharples said there was too much dependency on welfare in Maoridom – something Labour had not addressed.

This is good stuff, and exactly the type of message that the Maori community, and the rest of the nation, needs to hear. The irony is, when Don Brash makes very similar comments he is labelled as racist and a beneficiary-basher.

Sharples also says he is committed to ending the gang violence in South Auckland. These are two big tasks, and my only hope is that he continues to make noises like this and can offer solutions to the problems he is identifying.


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