Still in Rotovegas, dial-up still sucks

The weather has been good and so has the fishing. trout are definately on the losing team althought they got one back yesterday.

The score is Trout 1 – Whaleoil 6.

I have been reading the dead tree version of the Herald and I see that Leighton Smith, Aaron Bhatnagar et al have put their collective money where their mouths are and decided to take the Auckland City Council to court over the Queen Street massacre. Good on them. I think the situation at the council is now beyond repair. We have a lame duck mayor who couldn’t get anything passed even if he was stopped on the side of the motorway.

The fact that just a year ago "Dick" was elected on the promise of more inclusive city politics has seemingly bypassed his myopic worship.

Meanwhile in Rotovegas the weather has been spectacular until today when we had strong winds and some drizzle. Never mind there is plenty to do down here.

The Old Man has been showing everyone his prized photo of him and George W. Dad should give Winston a ring and tell him how to get the photo opportunity squared away.

Haven’t seen much news but last night watched the seriously funny Grumpy Old Men on UKTV. The english have got a great sense of humour. This show is well worth watching.

Thats all I can be bothered typing today other than to say Happy New Year one an all including all you deluded socialists and leftists out there. i will be back in Auckland soon and onto the boradband then it is back to my usual commentary.


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