The Nuclear debate

Over at Sir Humphreys yesterday there was a little debate over nuclear power possibilities for NZ. A couple of lefty wankers suggested it would be too expensive.

Some while back I posted about Russian designed Floating Power Stations being built for $200,000 USD!!!!! thats right $200,000.

That is way cheaper than any fricken dam or wind generator.

The steps for implementing FNPP [Floating Nuclear Power Plant] project are as follows. A site for the floating power unit has to be selected in coastal waters, not far from the recipient of the power supply (be it a town, village or enterprise). The unit, which is powered by two reactors and accommodates engineering and amenity services, is then towed out to this site by a tug. The unit should be supported by compact onshore infrastructure — transformers, pumps, heat supply units, etc. Then the plant is commissioned. It will have the capacity to supply energy to a town with a population of 200,000. If the entire capacity of the plant is switched over to desalinization of sea water, it will be able to produce 240,000 cubic meters of fresh water a day. “When the plant is decommissioned and pulled out, it leaves absolutely no pollution,” Kuzin said, quoted by RIA Novosti.

If each station produces enough power for 200,000 homes in Arctic conditions then we should need only about 15 of them for the whole of New Zealand. The price per kilowatt is only 5-6 cents which is inline with our current generation pricing in New Zealand althought the briefing paper to the incoming government notes that in some instances the price per kilowatt has gone as high as $12!!!! and the Crown’s Whirinaki reserve energy plant enters the market at prices above 20c.

Further these plants save on coal and fuel oil

The plant will save up to 200,000 metric tons of coal and 100,000 tons of fuel oil a year. It will be fully supported by the infrastructure of the Russian nuclear industry, and will be serviced by rotating teams. The reactors will be loaded with nuclear fuel once every three years and will have a lifespan of 40 years. Every 12 years the plant will be sent home and overhauled. 

At $200,000 I want at least 5 of them. 

Russian FNPP





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