We wait, and wait, and wait

Months after it was due the report into Philip "El Jefe" Fields antics is still at least another month away.

Spokesman for Helen Clark said "We have no real expectation of when it will be delivered. We are just waiting for the final report. It will be delivered when he [Dr Ingram] has completed it."

This report was due on October 4!!!!

Now it seems that the government is actually helping "El Jefe" by refusing to pay for witnesses’ legal costs. Considering that these people who are material witnesses are some of our poorest and have clearly been taken advantage of by the greedy and it appears illegal practises of "El Jefe" the least the government could do is assist in protecting them legally with some assistance from legal representation.

It appears that they haven’t even interviewed "El Jefe" himself…..now he has had plenty of time to cook up a story and make sure all the potential others to be interviewed sing along in the same tune.

This inquiry is fast becoming a complete farce.


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