What do Japanese investor know that we don't?

Well it seems a lot more than the government is willing to tell us.

They have dispatched a number of Treasury and Reserve bank Officials to commit economic treason and tell the Japanese what the government won’t tell us.

I can’t believe they trotted off to help Japanese "Mum and Dad" investors avoid getting their fingers burnt.

I think John Key gets it right and he should know being a former investment banker rather than a failed history teacher.

"It’s truly bizarre when you have New Zealand officials trotting offshore to tell Japanese investors our economy is in worse shape than they thought it was.

"The Reserve Bank is whistling into the wind if they think they are going to convince Japanese retail investors not to continue to buy uridashi issues."

Mr Key said Japanese investors were responding to high New Zealand interest rates and if the Reserve Bank wanted to reduce the appetite for this investment, it needed to cut rates.

"Money talks and the Reserve Bank warnings will have no impact on Japanese investors – they’ll never hear the warnings anyway.

"It’s fruitless and it’s missing the point." 

If the Reserve Bank and Treasury really want to understand the strength of the New Zealand dollar they should start looking at all the Muslim money pouring in here. 

Never in all my life have I seen a government more intent on looking after citizens of another country than looking after its own citizens.

I believe this is treachery and economic treason.


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