February 2006

…oh shit there it goes again


….and further Madam Speaker, I cannot recall…..oh shit there it goes again, last week it was Helens nose and now my nose is starting to grow…..

David Benson-Pinocchio

David Benson-Pinocchio




Awww…this is starting to hurt

From Investigate magazine.

 This is from 1998, one year after the "forgotten" incident.

1998 DBP



Pot, Kettle, Black Hodgson

Pete "the Fist" Hodgson has come out saying that National want to "buy" elections because of their comments over the political advertising.

Pot, Kettle, black Minister.

Labour tried and indeed succeeded in buying the last election. The only difference between National and Labour is National used their own money and Labour used mine and every other taxpayers.

Union hacks line up behind Minister

The union hacks are now lining up behind Benson-Pope with one of them being Richard Good.

Richard Good, the PPTA’s representative for Otago and Southland says the union is usually involved in every step of the complaint process but he has never been advised of a serious parental complaint against Mr Benson-Pope.

Mr Good says he has been in the job 19 years and has records of all his dealings with Bayfield High School, but neither the former principal Bruce Leadbetter nor Mr Benson-Pope ever advised him of a serious complaint from a parent.

Not surprising at all Mr Good since David Benson-Pope was in your position immediately prior to you and you are now his Electorate Chairman. Further David benson-Pope was the union rep at Bayfield.

My experience of Unions involved in serious allegations of this sort is for them to arrange a glowing reference for the teacher concerned then help them get a transfer elsewhere based on the glowing reference.

Why do we bother to have courts?

After spending over $1 million in taking the issues before the Environment Court and after having the Court give its go ahead, the Government is set to "veto" the proposal to build a marina at Whangamata.


Who knows. Environmental pique?, Maori lobbying? No one but the minister knows.

If rumours are indeed true and the Minister is about to veto the proposal it begs the question, What purpose does the Court have? Why would Kiwis waste their time going through the court process, it would be better to cross a Ministers palm with silver to get results.

Hey Cullen, looks like he isn't "confused"

Former Principal Bruce Leadbetter has found his spine and hit back at DBP and also at Cullen.

Former Bayfield High School head Bruce Leadbetter last night reaffirmed that he had told Mr Benson-Pope about a complaint over him entering the female bathroom, where two girls were showering, and a girls dormitory, where girls were dressing, at a school camp in 1997. 

DBP continues to deny he did anything wrong…..and he doesn’t recall the incident.

Well let me tell you as someone who has been subject to an investigation into ones actions, you don’t fucking forget it.

I still remember the inquiry, the embarrasment, the feeling of hopelessness of the situation. Eventually when you are cleared as I was you still feel put through the ringer, and let me tell you, I remember every detail of it like it was yesterday…..and yes Prime minister I can remember it (with amazing clarity) even though it was 8 years ago.

Just so the innuendo and questions do not build about me, I was accused of kicking a 14 year old Scout on the backside at a Scout Jamboree. I was reported by a third party, still unknown to me who was more than 100 metres from the "incident" and despite the support of several other leaders and scouts who were within  10m I was still put through the ringer.

Fair enough, appearances are everything and I put myself in what appeared to be an inappropriate situation, but the point I make is that you don’t forget, not ever. Further my situation pales into insignificance compared to DBP’s long list of proven and alleged crimes of assault, bullying and lying. Further I know of one other blogger who can testify to the ability to remember past investigations that occured sometime into the past about inappropriate behaviour.

Anyway back to Mr Leadbetter and whether he was "confused" as alleged by Cullen, who by all accounts is becoming increasingly confused himself arouns th halls of parliament.

However, Mr Leadbetter said he raised the actual complaint, not just "policy issues", with Mr Benson-Pope and added there was no possibility he was confused about what happened. 

And what about his so-called apology. Since when can you say sorry but believe that you did no wrong and also acknowledge "genuinely" held concerns.

Either they were concerns or not concerns, these in the ministers own words were "genuinely" held concerns, therefore they occured and they were genuine and therefore he acted inappropriately.

But ultimately he should be held accoutnable not for what he did then, but rather how he has acted since. How he has acted and reacted is the most telling. He has acted like a bully, maligning those who accuse. He has acted like a liar, spinning and obfuscating his way ineptly around the issue. He lied to the Parrliament. He continues to fess up and admit the inappropriateness of his conduct then and now.

This man is not fit to be a Minister of the Crown and i would argue he is not fit to be an MP.

Looks like they are going to tough it out

Looks like they are going to tough it out. They have even rolled out the Poodle to help.

Investigate magazine has little choice now but to publish more, or as the Prime Minister put it "put up or shut up"

Well looks like the "put up" option is going to be taken with revelations that David Benson-Pope kneed a boy in the groin.

Investigate has also suggested possible Crimes Act breaches DBP and his supporters. 

S107. Contravention of Statute, which carries a possible one year jail term. It is alleged Benson-Pope is liable under this section because in smacking a girl’s thigh with a ruler, he breached s139A of the Education Act 1989, which banned corporal punishment in schools.

S195. Cruelty to child, which carries a possible jail term of five years for “anyone who – having custody, control or charge of a child under 16 wilfully ill-treats…or willfully causes or permits the child to be ill-treated, in a manner likely to cause him unnecessary suffering, actual bodily harm, injury to health, or any mental disorder or disability”.
Investigate alleges this clause would cover both the direct physical assault on a schoolgirl, but potentially any physical or mental harm caused to other students by David Benson-Pope as well.

S196. Common Assault. Everyone is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year who assaults any other person.

S209. Kidnapping. This section was considered applicable in the earlier investigation of David Benson-Pope, because it doesn’t just cover abduction, but also detaining a person without her consent or with consent obtained by duress. In the case of girls trapped in the showers because Benson-Pope was allegedly standing right outside their cubicles, the kidnapping section could apply although the scale of offending would be at the lowest end of a punishment scale of up to 14 years’ jail.

The statute of limitations on these recent offences does not expire until 2007.

Additionally, former and current Bayfield High School teachers who made false statements to police that there had been no complaints against David Benson-Pope could be prosecuted under:

S111. False Statements or declarations. This section carries a jail term of up to three years for anyone who makes a statement to any officer of the law which would equate to perjury if made on oath in a judicial proceeding.

S116. Conspiring to defeat justice. If police could establish that there was an agreement by two or more teachers not to tell police about the complaints, the conspiracy sections of the Crimes Act could deliver a jail term of up to seven years for the teachers involved.

How come everyone but DBP is lying?

Even Cullen has waded in saying the former principal is "confused"

This is a disgusting display of smear and innuendo against complainants. 

Plenty more allegations to come – Wishart

Ian Wishart, the Investigate Magazine editor says there are plenty more allegations to come.

Well lets hear them then, drip fed one at a time over the next three weeks until Clark acts.

Parliament may do well also to instigate Breach of Privilege proceedings against DBP.

John Armstong has got it

 John Armstrong in the Herald has worked it all out.

Mr Benson-Pope’s immediate challenge is to survive being rotisserie-grilled inside Parliament over the next three days, while the Prime Minister gauges the temperature outside before finally determining whether he stays or goes. But Helen Clark may have already had enough.

Whatever, he is dead meat.